Sunday, March 8, 2009


Like you know, it is a girl favourite thing to do, pick cheap affordable things!

So this is your chance!

Pick anything you want, at just RM 25 per piece! And best of all, free postal for all!

So if you want anything, start bombarding us with emails!

Luv from us.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Giving is What We Do Best!

We're finally back. Our camera crashed, so we used a camera phone! We apologize for the low megapixels. We will still be updating the detail pictures, but not anytime soon till our camera 'uncrash' itself. We really hope you enjoy shopping here, pick what you like! Do not hesitate to ask us anything!
This is a post for our readers after a long hiatus. We apologize, but we're still ongoing!
Let's kick off with some fun stuffs before we get down and serious. Shall we bounce girls?
Summer Rendezvous Cropped Cardigan (SOLD OUT!!)
Pastel Grey

Shocking Blue

Bazooka Green

Lately I have been shamefully addicted to cardigans and has been searching high and low for the perfect one. I am relatively very petite (argh, as you can see), so nice cardis in the online blogosohere hardly fits me well. But see girls, I went shopping and I found the perfect piece to fit all sizes! Cropped cardigans are CUTE! Versatile too. They're small so it's really friendly to the handbags. Classes, lecture theatres, cinemas, tea time at the cafe and picnics! Hasn't this baby said it all 'I am cute, colourful and versatile!'.

Comes in Electric Blue, Bazooka Green(SOLD to Sab=)), Pastel Grey and also Sunshine Yellow(SOLD to Xtine! =D)) (I will upload the pic some other time, but it is soft pastel yellow=))

Shoulder to shoulder : 13.5 - 16 inches
Sleeves length : 14 inches
Length : 13.5 inches
Will fit an XS to M just nice.


Sweet Candy Floral Dress
Pink Floral Prints

Baby Blue Floral Prints

Smocked back fits all sizes.

With holidays here, holidays summer/beach dresses are in my list totally! Nothing beats being all girlie. This number made it to my wardrobe because I like anything girlie. Nothing beats empire waist lines and fliral prints huh? Any what's good is that it is smocked behind making it fit very very well!

Comes in Pink or Baby Blue floral prints.

Measurements from under the bust till hem : 21 inches


Forestic Adventure Layered Skirt (SOLD OUT!) I personally heart this skirts because it flares out so well! Just like a tutu skirt! It is so layered it looks so full! And believe me it is full, because it is made out of two layers of clothes. Perfect piece to add to the wardrobe because it is flirty but yet still very very decent. Girlie pieces are my choice!

And the good news is, IT FITS EVERYONE. I am personally doing alterations for the waist, whether you like it high waisted or you prefer it sitting on low waist, I will make you dream come true for absolutely, NIL CHARGES! So if you're making an order for this, provide me your measurements!

RM 31 (STEAL!)

Bubblegum Chapstick Jumpsuit (ONLY PINK LEFT!)
Baby Blue Stripes

Pink Sweetheart Stripes

Black/White Stripes

If you're thinking 'what another jumpsuit? they're so hard to remove when i get to the loo!', FRET NOT this time. I timed myself, it took me 2 seconds to remove the jumpsuit *winks*. Loving the buttons on the back pockets and the polka dotted ribbon in front screams cute! If you wardrobe need a few variations or some total wardrobe makeover, hunny, this is the piece for you. It fits a petite me so nicely and it also fits my chubby sister just as fairly! Comes in the sweetest shade ever! Try being sweet funky for once!

Comes in baby blue(SOLD!), sweet pink and black stripes.

Total width on the top part (above bust) : 12.5 - 15.5 inches
Total length : 24 inches (you're gonna extra some hanging out, I do not know what you call that, so it'll be around 22 inches)

RM50 (guaranteed likeable piece!)

Rainbow Flush Maxi (2 sold, Pattern 1 pending!)
Pattern one (where first block is pastel green)

Pattern two (where first block is peach)

Pattern three (where first block is beach blue)

Very very comfortable piece which suits every single occassion. Portrays the boho chic in you instantaneously. This piece makes me smile from afar, so if you're hoping to feel happy (maybe on yucky menstrual days) throw this piece on for the extra happiness! Wear it as a dress if you fancy, or as a high waisted skirt, or on low raise on your hips, it looks just as silly and happy! Do not forget little accesories to go with this piece for the extra boho touch! Honey, and you're so ready to go hit the town
Comes in three patterns, if you refer to the above pictures. When you order with us, just let us know which pattern you fancy taking. =)) That easy.
Width : 13 - 18 inches
Length : 29.5 inches
RM38 (wtf, STEAL!)

Romantic Fun Rara Beach Dress (SOLD OUT!)
Purple Dusk

Orange Red Dawn

Another of our fun numbers! Who doesn't love smocked tube tops?? Alleluia to whoever who invented these. Sweetest thing ever and the most versatile thing ever! Every girl probably has one, and won't mind another. This number comes with the absolutely most adorable buttons; they're heart shaped! I fell head over heels because of the buttons and of course the flirty rara hems! Perfect for beach wear or shopping time (since Msia = dirty beaches)

Comes in purple dusk(SOLD to May=))) and orangey red dawn.
Width : 11 - 15 inches
Length : 25 inches

Heartsie (SOLD to Evelyn!)

This is another romantic yet sweet and fun piece on our list. There was this kind feedbacker who emailed us saying she would like to see smocked tube tops with tied up strings (hello there, if you're reading this) and when I saw this, I couldn't not get it! And see those little prints? Those are heart shaped prints! How cute and sweet right babes? BUT, this is the only piece, if you like it, you gotta contact us FAST!
Width : 10.5 - 13 inches
Length : 20.5 inches
RM 31

Summer Fun Corset (ONLY ELECTRIC BLUE LEFT!)Black

Fun Yellow

Another fun fun fun item yet! There was a number of requests for corsets, and is this LOVE! So fitting yet flattering and COMFORTABLE! Corsets = nice but uncomfy. Summer Fun Corset = nice, fitting and comfy! What a deal! Smocked behind therefore it explains the fit. Pair it on with a pair f high waisted skirt for the formal yet mysteriously sexy look or with denim jeans on that fun night partying out! There's nothing to dislike about this corset. It explains everything a girl needs and wants.
Comes in Fun Yellow, Black and Blue.
Width : 12.5 inches
Length : 11 -15 inches

RM48 (sorry it's a little pricey, but we swear we tried our best, and this is really the ultimate best price, but if you pick more than one item, we will pull the total sum a little! and you won't regret picking this baby up anyways)(comes with the Gingham tie up!)

Tutu Corset (ONLY PINK LEFT!)


Shocking Pink

Very cute netting!

I love anything with tutus! I swear. This item is versatile because, pair it with a high waisted skirt and it looks just like a bustier corset dress. Which fits so nicely. And pair it with jeans for a more casual and laid back look! This piece is the perfect add to the wardrobe of a girl who wants to maintain her elegance yet be very mysteriously sexy both simultaneously. What's better than 2 in 1? Grab it before it gets grabbed by someone else!
Comes in Black and Pink.
Width : 12.5 inches (stretchable remember? this is also smocked back!)
Length : 15.5 inches
RM 48

Tiffany Eyelet Beach Dress (SOLD OUT)

Which girl doesn't love an eyelet dress in her wardrobe? Eyelets are really sweet and tones down anything OTT. I am a girly girly sort of person, so anything eyelet-y (no such word!), is definitely my favourite! And this is my favourite this time around! I find this piece is totally for 'everywhere', meaning I can wear it to wherever! To class, or movies, shopping trips, some gossiping over the table, friends hang out, tea time parties and even Sunday services at church! Wussytooters, this is my pick for the batch!!! You gotta have it, I swear! You can't really see the pleats beneath the empire line, but it's there!
Comes in white (SOLD oops) and black.
Empire line till hem : 21 inches
Empire line : 12 inches (smocked behind)

RM50(it's pricey but seriously, you won' regret this)

Finally the last for today!!!
Sleek Chic Skirt (In white left!)


Finally some serious business going on in here. I saved this for last(oops! not the last it seems!) because if you can see, I used this skirt in many of the items above to model the stuffs. I just want to emphasize on the versatility of this skirt. Many a times I've come across very very pretty high waisted skirts. But being just a student, I need something which not only is formal enough but also casual. Id do not want to wear it once after paying such a hefty price. Not only made for the boardroom, the buttons make it look very 'paperbag'-gy skirt which can also make it very casual! Love the pockets which are totally functional. And the fit. SERIOUSLY, let me, BOAST about the fit! Gosh because it is smocked behind, really it hugs my body(yes, I am the unfortunate model) and makes me feel 100 times sexier, I tell you! No joke hun! Pick this if you're all for the businesswoman look yet have that little personality in you!
Comes in black and white.
in Small and Medium sizes! And these are the measurements.
Small Width : 11 - 14 inches
Length : 20.5 inches
Medium Width : 12 - 15 inches
Length : 21 inches


Oops! There's another! Haha. Fitting blazers are must haves for the season after the Gossip Girl craze! This is very classy, but yet has that chic touch of Serena's. I love both Blair and Serena, so I can't really judge on how Blair-ish or Serena-ish this blazer is. But what I am certain is that, it has the classic touch of Blair's and chic touch of Serena's. Fair enough? Reminds me of Drummer Boy and certainly boy, does it keep me warm. Time for you to get it!
Can you tell I am tired? HAHA!
Comes in white and black. Email me for measurements!!
RM 41

That was the longest babbling session I ever did! If you have any enquiries in the middle of the night, sms me at 012 3949394, do not spam pls?
And if you have trouble thinking what to pair the items with, email me and maybe I can drop you some tips.

I am only a business student, but seriously, a fashion lover!
Have fun shopping wussytooters!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dear diary....

We just got home from the suppliers! And we're so excited!

Let us tell you why.

Firstly, we tried to get something which everyone requested. Though we failed to compromise with everyone's requests, we bet some of you will feel very very delighted soon enough! Those which things didn't get listed here, DO NOT WORRY! As the next time around, we will be keeping in mind what you asked for.

Secondly, following the Wussytoots tradition, we always try to keep prices low. How do we set our prices? To us, we put ourselves in the shoes of Wussytooters (you!), and try to estimate how much are you willing to fork out for a piece. Usually tops will not exceed RM35 unless the cost exceeds (for eg corsets this time around, oops! Did we spill that little secret?). Dresses come in between RM 30 to RM 50, nothing more!

We're all about quality at the right prices!

So, this is a little sneak peek of what we have in store.

Eyelet dress, smocked boho babydoll top with grecian tied-up strings, cropped cardi (sweet), corsets (in fact two choices!), jumpsuits (which fits the petites and the plus size), high-waisted and fitted skirt, blocked colours maxi dress, very Gossip Girl like cropped blazer, floral dress and swish-swosh skirts (which we will alter for you according to size, how cool is that, and ABSOLUTELY foc!)

We know that the postal fees has inreased therefore this is the new postal chart!

Pos Ekspress (for 1 item, unless you have tiny items, we'll choose the best shipping for you) - RM4
Pos Laju (3 items and above) - RM6

Lastly, our COD charts:

Taman Megah
Taman Mayang
1 Utama
Requested LRT stations (Paramount, Taman Bahagia, Kelana Jaya)
Or you can just let us know your choice! But nothing too far.

And CODs are FREE, no charges! But we have come across many buyers who are late for an hour to two hours, who doesn't reply my call at all and some who cancels us out last minute. So please please, we love you, and we give free CODs, so do not take our love for granted k?

So, stay tuned on Sunday!

So long, Wussytooters!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Back in town!

Hey babes! Guess who will be back next week!

Definitely us! And now we want you, babes, to help in our homecoming. In making you a part of our 'returning home' thing, we want you to write in to us, about what you are looking for!

Doing our part, as we will be meeting our suppliers next week, we will put in an extra helping hand in finding that piece for you. Isn't that a fabulous idea?

(However, if we fail to, please forgive us, but I am sure there's something else we bring in which shouts YOU!)

So from now, 12.00am 16th of Nov 2008 till 11.59 pm 19th of Nov, we hope to receive mails from you regarding your likes and wants (Cutting, whether it is halter, spaghetti tops, gladiators, boyfriend in disguises, bags, whatevers! Maybe colours? Or floral or plain patterns?)

So start typing away and send you love mail to, my dear wussytooters!

xoxo Anne <3

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Wussytoots is having their super super BIG SALE!
Grab fast before it's too lateeeeee!!! :)
All pictures and explanations on the items have been shown and given in the previous posts.
Do email to confirm purchase!

We will be doing CODs and postage only on Thursdays.
We only do CODs at KDU, HELP and Centrepoint.
Email us for more enquiries!

Here we go!

Item 1 @ RM 22

Item 2 @ RM 19
*ONLY AVAILABLE IN BLACK(second picture)*

Item 3 @ RM 24

Item 4 @ RM 19
*ONLY AVAILABLE IN GREEN(second picture)*

Item 5 @ RM 24
*ONLY AVAILABLE IN YELLOW(second picture)*

Item 6 @ RM 19

Item 7 @ RM 24


Item 8 @ RM 24

Item 9 @ RM 19

Item 10 @ RM 24

Item 11 @ RM 24
*ONLY AVAILABLE IN PURPLE(second picture)*

Item 12 @ RM 24

Item 13 @ RM 29

Item 14 @ RM 29

Item 15 @ RM 24

Item 16 @ RM 29

Item 17 @ RM 29

Item 18 @ RM 29

Item 19 @ RM 29

That's all for NOW Wussytooters!
Happy Shopping!!